About us

Fontezoppa is the name of an ancient spring which flowed where the our vineyards are today. Everything in Marche has a name, the valleys, ditches, fields and alleys; a sign of the passing of man and a close tie to the land. And it is from the land that we start to tell you about Cantine Fontezoppa. Vine varieties placed in the hands of experts and the use of ancient methods are blessed here by the generosity of the land and uncontaminated air. The result is a wine with a strong personality, produced on the green hillsides, some facing the sea and others the mountains. The balance between climatic conditions and rich land in Civitanova Alta and Serrapetrona is perfect, and it is in the area between the Adriatic Sea and the Azzurri Mountains that Cantine Fontezoppa grows and ages its best wines. Sangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet, Lacrima, as well as Maceratino, Incrocio Bruni and Pecorino are the vine varieties established around Civitanova Alta, where they have the added benefit of the sea. The Vernaccia Nera, Pinot Nero and Sangiovese vineyards are at the foot of the Azzurri Mountains while Serrapetrona is traditionally the land of the Vernaccia, a vine variety with ancient spicy notes that has earned the appreciation of the national wine world and is today at the centre of experimentation and renewed interest. The secret of a good wine lies in the fraternity of the land, an allegiance between the territory and tradition which Marche just cannot do without. A careful wine waking process which respects times, aging in the best wooden casks while respect the original characteristics of the product. Vine planted area Civitanova 15 ha, Serrapetrona 20 ha Annual production 350,000 bottles Foundation 1999